Questioning their “facts”

Dear Editor:

About a week ago, I received a flyer in the mail from Weehawken Initiative Now and was struck by the audacity of the fabrications. To wit, three examples:

“You won’t be able to walk to the new waterfront rail/ferry station since developers want a private enclave.” — Even the most cursory review of the waterfront plans shows no lack of access to the waterfront walkway, which will be Town property and open 24/7.

“Your kids will have to play on top of 30 thousand tons of toxic wastes in soils under the new waterfront park.” — This comes from the WIN candidate (the “environmental expert”) who, when asked if the waterfront could be made safe, said that if the land was cleaned up according to state standards, then he would have no problem in allowing his daughter to play on it.

And the best one.

“Your vote can never be detected by Town Hall – ballot anonymity is a fundamental American right!” — Are the accusing Town Hall of tampering with the election? A serious accusation that would usually be backed-up with some evidence. Or, are they setting the stage to have someone to blame if they lose?

Ah, the beauty of democracy in action.

Til Globig


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