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More tips

The Current omitted the best way to find a date in last week’s "Pick Up Pointers: How to find a date for New Year’s Eve." Last week I walked by the line for Lord of the Rings and there were tons of eligible-looking young men who are probably desperate for a date for New Year’s Eve. It’s not too late. – Veronica

Absolute resolution

What is Prescott Tolk’s New Year’s resolution? – Janet, Hoboken

He’s finally going to use those "Sweatin’ to the Oldies" video tapes he purchased last New Year’s.

Hot and bothered

I never realized JoAnne Steglitz had such a thing for Brad Pitt. (Current Cinema: "Ocean’s Eleven," Dec. 20) I’ve finally stumbled across something we have in common. – Jennifer, Weehawken

JoAnne adores anyone who adores Brad Pitt.

Hangover cure

In anticipation for how I’ll probably feel on New Year’s morning, does anyone at the Current have any advice for how to cure a hangover? – David, Hoboken

Don’t drink so much on New Year’s Eve.

The freaks are out

Do you have any tips for a safe New Year’s Eve? – D.D.

Stay home. There are lots of weird-looking people out there.

The joy of Jeffhood

I read the profile of Jeff Somers. Why doesn’t he ever submit back page essays to the Current? – D.

He certainly writes enough. Jeff and other creative writers out there should consider sending us their pithy thoughts.


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