Let’s clear up the misstatement made on the last presidential election results

Dear Editor:

In response to the misstatement of Messrs. Crockett and Lawrence in the last issue of your newspaper regarding the last presidential election “mandate”, here are the votes, County by County:

Counties won: Gore, 677. Bush, 2,436.
Square Miles Won: Gore, 575,184. Bush, 2,432,456.
Population of Counties Won: Gore, 127 Million. Bush, 143 Million.
States Won: Gore, 19. Bush, 29.
The two gentlemen are engaged in class envy and class warfare pitting the rich against the poor.

I should like to ask these two — how many jobs have been created by poor people?

The U.S. is supposed to be a capitalistic society where entrepreneurship rules, and you are able to create as much wealth as one wishes so long as it is legally made! That’s why the whole world beats a path to our door.

If someone wants redistribution of income based on entitlement rather than hard work and initiative, there are just two countries still awaiting them with open arms (the Evil Empire is no more) — North Korea and Cuba! Any takers?

Chris J. Vaz


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