Let’s all speak out and correct what’s wrong

Dear Editor:

In a previous issue, two readers wrote that the Republican Administration has “no mandate” for governing. People should remember that Newt Gingrich did have a mandate, but failed miserably. Our government must legislate for all and not a percentage.

The letter complained about the energy crisis, but this was on Gore’s watch, and the previous administration failed miserably to alleviate it. So why not open some of our public lands to search for oil? Why should we pay high prices for fuel? Why should we be dependent on foreign oil? The energy crisis influences a negative economy.

Instead of touting “my party, right or wrong,” let’s find out what is wrong and speak out against it. I haven’t heard one citizen speak out against the devastating downsizing in corporate America. Not even one politician has addressed this phenomena, since it began in the early 80s. It is a “no-brainer” for CEOs to decrease employees for the sake of profits. The young have no future on their jobs, and seniors will have no Social Security, without a healthy workforce in America contributing to Social Security revenues.

And, call your favorite Democratic legislators urging them to stop complaining about the size of the proposed tax cuts. Call your favorite Republican legislators urging them to increase the size of the tax cut. It is your money, demand it.

Now besides complaints, there are compliments, too. Did I hear President Bush correctly when he said, in his State of the Union Address, that the Social Security surplus would be kept only for Social Security? So, when you call or write your favorite legislator, encourage this, so that someone doesn’t change their mind. We all have a stake in it.

Name withheld


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