Potholes vs Schundler signs

Dear Editor:

It’s the same old Bret! The city streets are filled with potholes, people are complaining and recently when Jersey City got a $600,000 state grant from the State Transportation Trust Fund, what does Bret decide to spend it on? Repaving a few streets? No. He wants more JC tourist signs with his name in big letters on them. You’ve seen them. The Statue of Liberty sign welcoming you to “Pothole City” Jersey City.

I made a few calls and the State confirmed that the mayor’s office decides, when they apply, how to spend their grant money. Hoboken with its $394,000 is resurfacing Sinatra Drive but Bret is putting up $600,000 of more Schundler signs.

If Schundler could burn down the city and use the insurance money to promote himself for his next campaign, he’d do it. He and his City Council cronies headed up by CC President Tom DeGise have got to go.

Mia Scanga, CPA


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