Make designated drivers an important part of party planning

Dear Editor:

‘Tis the season for celebration at holiday parties with family, friends and co-workers. Because those of us in Hudson County know the importance of celebrating responsibly, the holiday party designated driver is the season’s hero. And across the country, Americans recognize designated drivers as an important group of people. A recent poll shows 92 percent of the public endorse the designated driver concept as an excellent or good way to curb drunk driving. And 112 million adults say they have been a designated driver or have been driven home by one.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s recently released 1999 statistics, drunk driving fatalities are down 41 percent since 1982, and designated drivers certainly deserve some of the credit. Obviously, there is still room for improvement and more work needs to be done, but when it comes to reducing drunk driving fatalities, we all make a difference.

As adults in our community make plans for holiday parties, please remember that responsible driving is everyone’s responsibility. Make designated drivers a part of your party planning.

Carlos A. Rivera
Hudson Eagle Distributing Co.


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