Don’t apply double-standard to dogs

Dear Editor: Why are dogs not allowed if: Dog is on approved leash length; dog vaccination and tags up to date; dog clean-up laws obeyed; dog not barking or annoying others; dog not walked on grass; longtime (15 yr.) Hoboken taxpaying resident. Why is this allowed: Sports areas I do not attend or participate in; sunbathing by less than beautiful people; males/females socializing for potential immoral purposes and conduct; noise disturbing infants, uncontrolled minors; non-Hoboken residents using residential area; unmarried or divorced parents intermingling with properly wedded others in playgrounds; sale of food and alcohol, rats, roaches, bugs; walking to the right side not enforced; urban development without vote by Hoboken residents. Hoboken resident and taxpayer A.L. P.S. Why am I paying taxes all these years just to be priced out of my own community? My spending power was supposed to support my community growth and support its foundation. Since I’m not wanted here anymore, do I get a tax refund and relocation expenses allotment?


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