Concerned about development on piers

Dear Editor: The following is a letter I will be sending to the mayor regarding my views on the development of the Hoboken piers. I will also be sending identical letters to all councilpersons. Dear Mayor Russo: I am writing this letter in response to the development of the piers on Hoboken’s waterfront. Open park land is a cherished commodity in our town. It provides an opportunity for all of us to escape the confines of urban living. It also provides a forum for all of our children to learn that for Hoboken to be a cohesive community we must not only work together, but also play together. Based on Hudson County statistics, even with the addition of a second pier park on the southern waterfront and the completed waterfront walkway, Hoboken’s parkland is still not enough to provide adequate greenspace per person. Compound this issue with the thousands of new units being developed and Hoboken’s potential to be a future tourist destination, and it will become a place where people are constantly fighting for their bit of personal space. Do we want to leave a legacy of poor city planing by individuals who did not think of the town’s future, not even their own families’ future? I am requesting that you do everything in your power to see that the remaining piers on the Hoboken waterfront are kept free of construction and for use by the general public. The developers of these sites are not being required to provide any type of outdoor recreation space or parkland, despite the fact that they are able to develop on some of the most valuable real estate in the region and reap untold financial benefits. Even if we have to wait several years to accumulate the funds to rehabilitate the piers, it will be worth every year of waiting. As Hoboken’s population explodes, the piers will be the only places to enjoy any semblance of open space. Do not let the developers take our future open space. Please, act now to preserve the piers for the people of Hoboken and your family. Nicholas A. Vitiello


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