Special thanks to all who contributed to success of Op-Sail

Dear Editor: As Chairman of Hudson County Op-Sail 2000, I’m proud to say that Hudson County turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and safest places from which to view the Parade of the Tall Ships and the Macy’s Fireworks display. Of course, as a Hobokenite, I’m even prouder to say that our city was filled with happy people enjoying the events in a peaceful, neighborly and patriotic way. I would like to thank my fellow commissioners, Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski, local authorities and elected officials who honored me by selecting me to work with them to serve the county. I especially want to thank Chief Carmen LaBruno, Chief John Cassesa and their teams, the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and Mike Taglieri of the Office of Emergency Management. (Being partial to Hoboken, I must say that our festivities, event planning and crowd control was second to none.) Special thanks are due to all of our City Directors, including Geri Fallo who spent the better part of the year planning for the first OpSail of the new millennium, and OpSail Commissioner David Barry for hosting the commission meeting in Hoboken. I’d like to make special mention and thanks to Lisa Cauda of Stevens Institute, who generously donated 40 VIP passes to their festivities for children of the Fourth Ward, and to Carmelo Garcia, Councilman Ruben Ramos, Councilman Dave Roberts, Linda Walker, Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, and Sandra Ramos for serving as chaperones for the kids. There are so many people who worked so hard to make the job of this OpSail commissioner a pretty easy task. I would be remiss if I did not make a special acknowledgment to State Senator Bernard F. Kenny Jr. Senator Kenny continues to return home from Trenton with millions of dollars in aid for the entire county, and for OpSail he came through again. He also obtained a very large sum just for Hoboken! Thanks to his hard work and diplomacy in working with the Governor, our municipality will not be burdened by having to cover the cost of overtime and clean-up for OpSail all by ourselves. Hoboken was fortunate to have such great people working to ensure a great Fourth. Tony Soares Chairman Op-Sail 2000 Hob. Councilman at Large


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