Biased judgments distort true facts

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to your May 21 article, “Messy Situation: Former Campaign Managers File Charges Against Each Other.” For the most part, my only participation in Hoboken politics is that of voting. Your May 21 portrayal of Mr. Carmelo Garcia is precisely the reason why I, as well as many of the “born and raised” Hoboken young adults feel alienated towards Hoboken politics. I found your article to be biased against Mr. Garcia. I have known Mr. Garcia for many years. We attended Hoboken High School together. Additionally, Mr. Garcia and I attended Seton Hall University together. There, I came to know Carmelo Garcia as a strong, intelligent and competent student leader. Carmelo Garcia was a positive student role model. He held various student leadership positions and was involved in all facets of campus life including, but not limited to, the Latino student organization. Mr. Garcia has always been outspoken and articulate, never afraid to speak his mind or stand up for his beliefs. For this reason, I became very disturbed by your article claiming that Mr. Garcia had been committing harassment and violent acts against Mr. George Ortiz. I cannot make any comments against Mr. George Ortiz. I do not know him personally; therefore, it would not be proper for me to engage in any character assassination against Mr. Ortiz. However, this is the same character assassination that is being propagated against Mr. Garcia by the media. I was born and raised in Hoboken. I obtained my degree in political science and government from Seton Hall University; however, it is with utter disgust that, week after week, I read the Hoboken Reporter only to find negative campaigning and defamation of people’s character. This is the reason I stay clear of the Hoboken Political Machine that sucks people up and spits people out. It is the responsibility of journalists to provide their reading audience with true facts in an objective manner. Your May 21 article was subjective against Mr. Garcia. It gave many readers, those who have not had the pleasure of personally knowing him, the impression that he is a man of questionable character. Mr. Garcia is not a man who engages in harassment and violence against anyone. He is a responsible, caring and passionate young father who is trying to make Hoboken a better place for its children. Wanda Roman


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