Thank you to community as we move forward together!

Dear Editor:
We, the Forward Together team, would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support we received during the recent Hoboken School Board election. What began as a small group of volunteers literally around our kitchen tables developed into a groundswell of support from parents, civic leaders, and community members from private, charter and district schools by Election Day. We are proud that our positive, inclusive message of proven commitment and open and honest governance energized people across our entire community behind the single goal of continuing the progress in our schools.
We are grateful for the hundreds of people who volunteered, wore a pin, hung a sign, emailed their friends or supported our grassroots campaign with their heartfelt financial contributions. We appreciate all you did for us and your community.
We are eager to continue the work of moving our district schools forward. We will support Superintendent Christine Johnson as she leads our district to new heights. We will work hard and plan carefully so that every student receives the challenge and support they need to be successful in school and in life. We pledge to make our schools stronger so we can be stronger as a community.
Thank you again and let’s keep moving forward together!
Jennifer Evans
Sheillah Dallara
Irene Sobolov

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