Thank you Edwar R. Waleck

Dear Editor:
I promised myself that before this year ends, I would write a letter to publicly thank Union City resident Edward R. Waleck. Foremost, he has consistently and at great cost to himself cared for the many kittens and abandoned cats that are put outside his doorstep. He has had to bear the brunt of unpleasantnesses from others who would rather see the cats die without any regard for their welfare.
However, what endears me to him most is that we share a great fondness for wild life, especially birds. Ed shares his finds with me and has sent me articles about birds and Monarch butterflies. As a naturalist, I appreciate his observations and delight at the wonders of Mother Nature. For his curiosity, dedication to cats, self-sacrifice, compassion, and years of friendship, I thank Ed with all my heart. He’s an inspiration to me and gives back to his community in his singular yet caring way. A Nature buddy, Tony Squire 218 New York Avenue Union City, NJ 2018649722

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