Dear Editor:
Last night I was walking down 3rd Street from Washington. Seeing the folks congregated outside the homeless shelter, I thought about how magical that place is.
Two out-of-town visitors asked me if the people were waiting for a church service and I found myself explaining.
“No, they are waiting to go in for dinner. We are very lucky to have this wonderful shelter here. It is the best thing about Hoboken. The staff is amazing and everyone is welcome there to eat, no questions asked. You, too, could come. 50 people will sleep there on the floor tonight, 35 men in the dining room, 15 women in the church itself.”
35 years ago, Hoboken clergy fought hard to preserve their right to offer refuge to the homeless. They prevailed in NJ’s highest court and established the first national legal precedent for churches’ right to do this.
The founders of this shelter and innumerable volunteers, donors, board members, and staff members have created a true sanctuary.
If anyone is looking for God, or a reason to believe in humanity, they need look no further than 300 Bloomfield St.

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