Celtics won the 2016 A Better Life Fall Basketball League

First and foremost we thank you all for participating in this year’s fall league. Congratulations to OKC and the Celtics for one hell of a double overtime game. This game went straight to the classic reel. The game could have been decided by one rebound here or a shot there or a missed call. It came down to who can make your foul shots. OKC had their chances tied with 59 seconds left in the second overtime. Unfortunately, Julius David of OKC missed both foul shots.
Tommy Mcdermott (Celtics), who played great at both ends of the court, and Corado Devincencio (Celtics), whose foul shots in the end iced it for his team, could both have won the MVP award. But we had to choose Alex Mirabel, the Celtics’ guard, for being court general out there guiding his troops.
Matthew McMonagle (OKC) played a heck of a game, bringing them back from regular time to the first overtime, hitting big three’s in the end. Carlo Mariano DeChavez (OKC) had his worst shooting game. All season long he was hitting those rainbow shots same with Patrick McMonagle (OKC). It was a great effort for OKC.

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