The election of elections

Dear Editor:
Today I witnessed the collapse of the Democratic Party. Anyone who knows me well knows I have said that Obama and Clinton would destroy the Democratic Party. The political machine behind the DNC has died. It was on life support and the news media fought so hard to save the machine. The left pushed way too hard and way too fast on radical socialist ideas, forcing political correctness, promoting safe spaces etc. so fast and furious you didn’t realize you were trampling on your own fellow Americans constitutional rights.
America is an interesting country. It is a sleeping giant that when awoken moves with thunderous sound and the speed of lightning. Don’t be sad that the Bush and Clinton dynasties have been laid to rest. It is time to envision something more. What has been missing in this country for a long time? It is we the people, by the people and for the people. The pendulum swung too far to the left and this is the punishment for not being middle of the road. It is going to be a tough pill to swallow for many of you on the left. It is a pain you never thought imaginable. It will not be an easy road but since when has anything that was proper in this country been easy to obtain?
I make this assertion. America will stand tall, America will live on. America will be stronger and better together. We are not the world. The world is us. Take pride and be humble. Time has come for change and like all things new the unknown is frightening. Don’t fear the unknown. Dive in the way they did over 240 years ago. Many did not want to revolt against the crown but look what the world was given, a massive social experiment that has been an unbelievable experience. Could you envision yourself born in another country and not be an American?
We are The United States of America and it is one nation under God indivisible. Just like those who were afraid of standing up against the crown they reaped the rewards and it came to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have had our bad times but man have we had great times. Freedom is not easy and self-governance is complicated. If this experiment of ours has taught us anything we know that we can overcome all the odds united.
Today we saw history and more great history is to come. Don’t be consumed by petty differences and stand tall and proud because if it was so easy there would be more United States of America’s. Now let’s be America again and be great once more undivided and focused on freedom and justice and liberty and the American dream.

Shawn Jaryno

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