Lawyer says train engineer in Hoboken crash had undiagnosed sleep apnea

HOBOKEN–Train Engineer Thomas Gallagher, who drove the commuter train that crashed into HobokenTerminal Sept. 29 and killed Hoboken resident Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, had undiagnosed sleep apnea, and attorney told the New York Times.
Jack Arseneault, Gallagher’s attorney, told the newspaper on Nov .16 that Gallagher was diagnosed after the crash.
Gallagher had said in an interview with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the organization charged with investigating the crash, that he didn’t remember the crash, but that the train was going 10 miles per hour, the accepted speed, going into the terminal. Since then, investigations have tentatively determined that the train sped up close to the terminal and went more than 20 mph.
The crash injured over 100 people. The terminal has reopened, although some of the tracks remain unoperational.
The NTSB will not have a final report on the cause of the crash for at least a year.
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