The city administration should hire Bayonne residents

To the Editor:

I am quite upset with the fact that this administration does not care about this town at all. Let me start by saying that, in my opinion, Mr. DeMarco is nothing but a two-faced liar. The way he speaks to people who are the taxpayers and others who get up in front of the council to speak. He should be quiet. I would like to ask the mayor what was he thinking when he made this guy the city’s business administrator and then brought back the old law director, Jay Coffey, then made his nephew his chief of staff. Do you honestly think it was in our best interest? I think not. These people are from out of town. The most they spend here is their lunch. Wow! Just like tons of people in this town, I believe it is an insult to the professional residents of this town that you mean to tell me there wasn’t one person in any of these three fields who would be able to do this job. I am sure you didn’t even look.
Getting back to what I just finished reading on the agenda. (I really wish this letter would be able to print before the meeting; better late than anyway) So after getting things better explained to me from people who seem to understand all this jibber jabber on the agenda, it appears to me that the city administration wants to bond (borrow) millions of dollars to buy the former Holy Family building and other items for city use; not sure what it is exactly. I am quite disturbed over this because didn’t they just sell off several years of our money that was to be paid to Bayonne by the Port Authority and sold it for the current value? So they sold 40 or 45 million dollars to get the current amount of 27 million dollars. We are totally screwed.
Mr. Mayor, you are the one who answers to everything that goes on in town. Just in case you need a reminder. Whatever person you put in place and starts making decisions on behalf of Bayonne, at the end of the day whether it is good or bad, you are the one who has to answer for it. Maybe it would be a good thing if you asked Mr. DeMarco, Mr. Coffey along with your nephew to leave their positions and go back to the towns they are from. You don’t even have to replace Mr. DeMarco, because I was told that Terrance Malloy can do the same job and he is from Bayonne. I am sure we can find a new lawyer from Bayonne and if you really need a chief of staff, then look for one who is from Bayonne. Maybe people who really care about Bayonne.


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