Serve and Spike


QUESTION: In high school volleyball, is it legal for a substitute to enter the set with a padded mask covering a broken nose?

ANSWER: This is a legal piece provided it was specified by an appropriate health-care professional and authorized by the state association. Prior to the match, first referee (R1) will ask head coaches to verify that all players are legal and wearing legal uniforms and equipment. (Rule 4, Sec. 1, Art. 1 (notes) and Art. 2-4).

QUESTION: Starting player, Long, is wearing uniform number (00) on the front and uniform back. Is this a legal numeral? Is uniform number (55) the highest legal number allowed?

ANSWER: Long is allowed to wear that uniform number. Legal numbers shall not be more than two digits and located on upper front and back of uniform top. Numerals (00, 0-99) are permitted. If a visible number is worn on uniform bottom, it shall match the number on uniform top. (Rule 4, Sec. 2, Art. 4-5).

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