Big day for Cifuentes duo as Chargers win

The JCC of Bayonne Indoor Flag Football Sr. Division “Wrecking Ball” known as the (5-0) Chargers looked to close out week four with another victory as they faced the (0-4) Eagles. Staying true to form, the Chargers built a 30-0 lead as the Cifuentes siblings lit up the scoreboard with Alejandro (2 TDs, 4 expts) and Aaliyana (2 TDs, 2 expts) doing all the damage. Making a switch at the QB position with Jack Kruchkowski at the helm, the Eagles’ offense began to click with Kruchkowski sprinkling tosses to Ezekiel Lupianez, Mariam Rasslan, and Drew Radil to set up a TD and two point dart to Radil making it 30-8, Chargers. Staying with a hot hand, the Eagles’, air attack found paydirt again as Kruchkowski drilled a TD pass to Mariam Rasslan to narrow the Chargers’ lead to 30-14. Getting back to business, the Chargers’ offense once again went on the attack as QB Kyle Arano unleashed TD passes to Alejandro and Aaliyana Cifuentes with a two point catch by Aaliyana Cifuentes to wrap up the victory at 44-14, Chargers. A special mention must be given to the Chargers’ Anthony Baez who rushed for 60 yards on 4 carries.

Week 4 Sr. Division

Offensive Player of the Week: Alejandro Cifuentes – Chargers
Defensive Player of the Week: Aaliyana Cifuentes – Chargers
Teamwork/Leadership Player of the Week: Drew Radil – Chargers

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