Who’s responsible?

To the Editor:

Every individual and organization has fiscal and social responsibilities. The former refers to dollars and cents matters. The latter refers to quality-of-life concerns. Both can be related to the current lack of a teachers’ contract. How so?
Fiscally, the board of education seems to have a priority making material improvements beginning with bathrooms. Yet, for seven out of eight years the teachers lack a contract. Who decided on the distribution of funds?
City Hall created a budget which included millions of dollars in the sale of property. Yet, when the deal was not consummated, the politicos calmed the citizens about a tax increase by simply moving money around. Will this be a future problem?
Socially, when a person reads (thank your teacher) the newspaper, I ask that you make a comparison to life in Bayonne as to other communities. Are there rally shootings, gang attacks, robberies, and homeless? The fact of the matter is that Bayonne is a safe community. Why?
The population is well educated, and so employment/income is readily available without having to break the law or survive on the streets. Character development is stressed each day by school personnel, and so, a sound moral foundation exists to respect the dignity of others.
As an aside, ratings are based on numbers easily manipulated. Better to look around and see the benefits of a school system, which provides wellbeing for all, be it a student, parent, or citizen. Who is the integral part responsible? Look for a teacher.


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