St. Mary’s Pee Wee Week 9 Results


The Blue Devils defeated the Pirates 19-8. Shelia O’Neill led the blue Devils with 8 points, Samantha Russell added 7 points and Anna Kobryn and Danielle Watt each had two points. Leila Tavarez had 4 points; Tatyanna Watson had 3 points and Kylie Hall 1 point for the Pirates.

The Hoyas defeated the Rams 14-10. Maggie Mc Cabe had 8 points and Caitlin Gaetani 6 points for the Hoyas. Payton Maguire, Charlize Olmo, Samara Porch, Shea Torres and Kayla Santopietro each had 2 points for the Rams.


The Hoyas defeated the Hornets 21-10. Dorsett Mulcahy led the Hoyas with 10 points; Brennan Troubridge added 6 points, Jack Kelly 4 points and Braxton Mulcahy 1 point. Chance Fischer had 6 points and Joseph Ciarlandini and Joseph Pilovsky each had 2 points for the Hornets.

The Lakers defeated the Knicks 16-10. Ryan Nolan had 8 points, Christian Szyskowski 7 points and Jared Luongo 1 point for the Lakers. Aiden Michalski has 5 points, Brayden O’Connor 4 points and Ross Richie 1 point for the Knicks.

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