Preschool found to have elevated lead levels

Also at council meeting, uniform rules for dog park

At the end of the recent Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 25, Board of Education candidate Tom Troyer asked council members about elevated levels of lead in the water at the district’s preschool (early learning center) on Mill Ridge Road. The mayor said the school would be sending letters to parents, and that signs had been posted in the school about the situation.

The state is installing water filters in the preschool that remove 99.3 percent of lead.
This past Monday, parents received a letter from Interim Superintendent Kenneth Knops dated Oct. 31, addressing the issue.
The letter said, “Water samples were collected from the Early Learning Center on 40 Mill Ridge, at representative locations, i.e. kitchen, faculty room, water fountains. This location was found to have elevated levels of lead.”
The letter said that the state is beginning corrective actions immediately, like installing water filters in the preschool that remove 99.3 percent of lead.
Knops said in an interview Tuesday that the water fountains have been turned off, and everyone in the preschool is receiving water bottles for drinking. Where water is needed for non-consumption, like bathroom sinks for washing hands, signs have been posted saying not to drink it, according to Knops.

New dog park regulations

At the meeting, council members voted to introduce an ordinance for all dog parks in Secaucus including a series of rules. Among the rules: only dogs are allowed in the parks (as opposed to other animals), and all dogs must have and wear a license which represents that the dog has a valid, unexpired rabies vaccination. The ordinance also states that dogs under four months old are not permitted. All dogs must be spayed or neutered, according to the ordinance. The handler of the dog must be at least 18 years old, is responsible for the dog while at the dog park, and is required to clean up after their dog, the ordinance states.
Also, children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Handlers would also be required to remove the dog at the first sign of aggression, according to the ordinance. Also dogs must not wear spiked or choked collars.
With any violations the handler may receive a summons up to $2,000 and/or imprisonment for no more than six months. The dog parks in Secaucus are in Mill Creek Point, Clarendon Field, Snipes Park, and the Secaucus Animal Shelter.

Designated one way streets, new police parking

The members of the council voted to introduce an ordinance to designate a section of John Street as a one-way street, and to allow only police parking for certain hours of the day. From Centre Avenue to Paterson Plank Road, John Street would be a one-way street with traffic flowing east. In that section of John Street, only police parking is allowed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Council members also voted to introduce an ordinance to designate two streets as one-ways. From Clarendon Street to Front Street, the traffic on Ninth Street would head South. From Schmidts Place to Floral Terrace, the traffic on Edna Place would go East.

New police officer, new Diwali postage stamp

The council members and Secaucus Police Chief Kevin Flaherty swore-in Probationary Police Officer Kristen Bronowich. Councilman Gary Jeffas said, “I’m sure she’ll do a great job on the force.”
At the end of the meeting members from the Indian Caucus of Secaucus announced that the new Diwali-themed United States postage stamp is available to purchase? in Town Hall. The members of the caucus gave Mayor Michael Gonnelli a large poster of the stamp to put on display in Town Hall.

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