My son’s Brandt pre-K experience has been wonderful

Dear Editor:
I have a son who is in the Kindergarten program at Joseph F. Brandt School and a daughter that will be entering the program next year. Since he started the Pre-K program there we have been having a wonderful experience. The teachers and principals have provided him and all the students with a warm and safe environment in which knowledge can be fostered and relationships can be built. He has been able to participate in programs both during and after school that I attribute to helping him thrive both academically and socially. Though we are having such a positive experience in the Hoboken School District, there are still many ways it can be improved for the children and Parents United (Jessica, Chipper, and Jennie) know the way to get us there. Jennie is a very close personal friend who I have a deep respect and admiration for.
If Parents United are elected to office they have many programs they plan to implement in order to even better meet the needs of our children from the elementary through the high school level. For example, Parents United plans to develop a classroom based best practices guide. They also plan to increase communication between faculty members through an educator blog with lesson plan overviews and homework from each teacher. I was very impressed about their emphasis on the exciting new program called STEM, which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the schools. While making all of these changes Jessica, Chipper, and Jennie plan to help us financially eliminate wasteful non-student spending and ensuring there are no more Board of Education tax increases.
Personally, I plan to vote for Parents United, on the ballot its 3-6-5 (Jessica is 3, Chipper is 6, and Jennie is 5), this Nov. 8 and I hope you plan to join me in doing so. I am certain they will work for what is best for our children.

Jessica Gorman

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