Liberty State Park will be hurt by a casino

Dear Editor:
I strongly urge Jersey City residents to vote “No” on the casino ballot referendum on Nov. 8. Billionaire Paul Fireman wants the casino on his Liberty National Golf Course property, right next to its clubhouse. This location is immediately outside of Liberty State Park. The unavoidable, inevitable traffic jams from a casino will have a devastatingly negative impact on public access to our beloved free and green, open space family park, especially on non-winter weekends.
To protect our use and enjoyment of our priceless park behind Lady Liberty, Jersey City voters must crush Fireman’s wrongheaded and arrogant plan for a casino. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has pledged to prevent this casino from being built if the majority of Jersey City voters oppose it. The pro-casino campaign, partly funded by Fireman, sent out a deceitful map which shows a large industrial zone between his proposed casino and LSP and it doesn’t show that the south side of the park and the main access road to LSP is right next to his casino location. Please protect LSP, The People’s Park, for ourselves and future generations and vote “No” on the casino.

Sam Pesin,
President of The Friends of Liberty State Park

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