Make the right choice on Nov. 8

To the Editor:

Hello All. My name is John Milan Sebik, and I am running for a 3-term as a Bayonne Board of Education Trustee. I am asking all of you to learn more about me and vote for me on Nov. 8.
I am running because I care a great deal about our city, our children, and our future. I know, and believe that the past mistakes, shoddy deal making, and political appointees have done a lot of damage to our school system as a whole. It’s been very challenging for the current board this past year, and the board has also had its share of additions and subtractions.

I have two step children who attend Horace Mann, and they are in fifth and seventh grades. I want to see them well prepared for high school and prepared for the challenges of the future in terms of knowledge, life skills, and critical thinking. I want to be assured that all children have as many options as possible for the future. Every child is different, and one never knows what may pique their interests.

If elected, there are several items that I would like to focus on. First, I would ask to work with my fellow board members and Superintendent and create an organization flow of programs and personnel. It is important to make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely. Second, I would ask to be involved in the teacher negotiations if possible and provide any assistance I can, even if that means only being vocal. Third, an increase in the use of technology with parents and a 50-percent elimination of paper. Fourth would be parent signups so they can stay informed and updated of meeting agendas, changes etc. The board should also be open to accepting emails, voicemails, and letters to be read at any meeting. Fifth, we have to make sure our Special Education programs are properly staffed. The addition of vocational programs, and partnerships with unions and Fortune 500 companies would be two other areas worth taking a look at.

Some of the issues that the board will face in the coming year will be budget, teachers’ contracts, and the elephant in the room, the Superintendent position. I believe that the last ten years have done damage to our teachers and their strong dedication to our district. I feel it is unimaginable how our teachers must suffer year after year dealing with contract issues. It has to be a tremendous layer of stress added to our hardworking teachers’ minds. Keeping our teachers happy and not fearful should be a top priority.

Last, I would say that I will work hard to listen, be vocal, be active, and to put our children first in every decision that I will make. Thank you for your support. Please vote 8J on November 8th. God Bless.

Candidate for the Bayonne Board of Education

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