Reject Trump’s fear-mongering and scapegoating

Dear Editor:
I am proud to live in my diverse city and even prouder of those from other countries who want to become lawful U.S.A. citizens, who have endured the lengthy vetting process. I am proud that our nation is a nation of immigrants.
I strongly oppose and reject the fear-mongering and scapegoating spewed out by Mr. Donald Trump, his venomous claptrap and attacks on certain ethnic groups or nationalities. Especially, his boast to build a wall on our southern border which even the Mexican president rejects. That is one reason why I have mailed in my ballot to “dump Trump” as he has not an iota of my trust, my respect, or my support, based on his disgraceful behavior, especially toward women, and his divisive platform that panders to his base.
I urge fellow citizens in Hudson County to vote for their candidate. Politics is integral to society and a well-informed, active electorate are a check on demagoguery and fascistic policies ill-suited to the national and international spheres of power and the democratic ideals of the U.S. If you believe, and am convinced that Mr. Trump represents the latter, then reject such as reprehensible. Vote against Mr. Trump and all he stands for. As Hillary declared, quoting our First Lady: when he goes low, we go high!

Yours truly,
Tony Squire

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