Grown-up kids like Halloween too

Seniors, tots enjoy haunted house, snacks at Meadowview Villas

Residents and seniors of Meadowview Villas enjoyed an early Halloween on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Staff members of the Housing Authority created a haunted house in the basement of one of a separate building, and it was a big hit. Children and parents dressed in Halloween costumes and ate pizza, chips, hot dogs, and handmade chocolates in the community room.

“You won’t catch me in a haunted house.” — Joanne Muller.
Resident Brandon, 6, came with his mother Ailyn and his two other brothers. Brandon was the only one of his siblings who tried the haunted house. The siblings were dressed as characters from the children’s TV show Paw Patrol, and Ailyn was dressed as Spider-Man.
“We come every year, because it’s good recreation for the kids,” Ailyn said.
Resident Ava Phillips, 9, created her own costume as a zombie princess, and said she’s also going to wear it for Halloween. Her older sister, Shannon, 8, helped her with her makeup, and went with her into the haunted house. Their grandmother Joanne Muller said, “This is fun for them, and they can hang out with their friends too.”
Muller added, “You won’t catch me in a haunted house!”
Housing Authority Tenant Services Director Kathryn Paletta said, “It’s a nice party for the kids, and a safe environment for them.”
Staff members worked on the haunted house for three weeks. About 10 members decorated the basement and dressed as scary characters that made noise or screamed for the haunted house.
“It was the best haunted house,” Paletta said.
Those who entered the haunted house followed glowing footsteps to find their way out.

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