An open letter to the City Council and mayor from Parents United

Dear Editor:
Parents United, the campaign for enriching, efficient, and effective education for all of Hoboken’s children would like to extend an open hand and welcome you to talk with us about Hoboken’s children.
The Board of Education election is important to Hoboken for our fellow parents and the community in general. We know that you care for our community and we appreciate that you have stepped up to the plate. You have demonstrated the strong roots and connections you have in our great town. We are mindful, as undoubtedly you are, that leadership is more than who you know as well as more than if one is allied with a particular faction. It is more than whether or not a councilwoman or man supposedly brings a particular constituency to the table. Leadership is more than checking off a list, its saying no to politics as usual and standing up for Hoboken’s families and children.
That’s what we, Parents United, are doing. We are standing up for Hoboken’s children and taxpaying families. If you, members of the city council and the mayor, believe our students deserve an education that doesn’t drag its feet on implementing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focused curriculum and that creates the programs required to preserve Hoboken High School, then we welcome your support.
If you believe that mixing middle school 13-year olds and high school 18-year olds in the same school was a bad idea from the beginning and that non-student spending on expensive consultants is wasteful, we are glad to have you on board with Parents United and the best interests of the children.
If you agree that raising taxes 4 percent 4 years in a row (for a cumulative tax increase of over 16 percent) is a way to make Hoboken less affordable and chase families with children out of town, then we urge you to join with us and the community by taking a stand and supporting Parents United.
We are the only candidates addressing these issues. Where others are content to rest on the accomplishments of the past, Parents United knows the challenges and changes we must make to bring a brighter future to all Hoboken’s children. We know the politics of the city government can be rough and tumble, but Hoboken’s children and community are not a game. Hoboken’s students and parents deserve more and many look to you for leadership; will you join us in leading the way for a better and brighter future for our children?

Parents United
Jessica Nelson
Francis ‘Chipper’ Benway
Jennifer Rossini

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