A real estate agent’s Halloween story

Dear Editor:
I always say to myself “it’s never a dull moment” as a real estate agent based in Hoboken. There is almost always something that goes wrong when showing an apartment that is not your own listing. Here are few favorite scenarios I have found to be very funny.
Haunted House Scenario: The lights do not work, or flicker, in the lobby of the apartment’s building.
Skeletons Scenario: The previous tenants items such as old couch, broken cabinets and wigs, which are absolutely not flattering, are left behind and not even the closet, it’s all over the living room at eye sight.
Ghosts Scenario: The pipes in the building have a knocking sound and I get a cold breeze that passes by me. Very Creepy.
After learning that these things do occur, the best way for me to feel confident and comfortable when showing an apartment that is not my listing is to check it out for myself before the actual showing. I call the listing agent and let them know what I found out and they reassure me that either the items will get fixed or they will look in to it. If I strongly feel it’s not ready to show, I let the client know the apartment is not fully ready to show, and they have the option to reschedule if they wish to do so.
It’s quite exciting to live the agent’s life. I am just waiting to find my vampire moment, when I find pints of blood being stored in a refrigerator. Now that would be the cherry on my Halloween cupcake!

Evelyn Capac

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