Bayonne’s Narrow Bridge Films heads across the river

‘Summer Cabin’ debuts at New York Film Screening Oct. 21

Six months ago Narrow Bridge Films screened its third feature film, “Summer Cabin,” at Bayonne’s Frank Theatres. It was also shown at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre in Jersey City for the Golden Door Film Festival in September, where it was nominated for best local film. Last year, Narrow Bridge won for “The Devil You Know.”
“Golden Door has some big names but doesn’t forget about those who are just starting out,” said Sam Platizky, actor and producer at Narrow Bridge Films. “Having filmed in the area, it’s good to see it screened in the area.” As proud as the Bayonne-based film company is in its roots, the New York market is a barrier it wants to break by screening “Summer Cabin” at the month-long New York Film Screeningsfestival starting October 21. New York Film Screenings donates 20 percent of its proceeds to ending homelessness in New York City.
“I’m excited about the New York exposure,” said costar Dan Gregory. “I’m a big fan of being in the city, so the idea of getting our film out there opens doors to new people and new fans.” “Work attracts work,” he said, banking on the notion that more exposure brings more opportunities. “Everybody involved now has a chance to succeed on the next level,” he said.
SamPlatizky calls success at this stage a “word of mouth game.” “We’re just hoping for a new audience,” he said. “We’re mainly in New Jersey right now, so New York gives us more opportunity.”
“Summer Cabin”stars Bayonne natives Isaac Platizky, Sam’s brother, (wrote and starred), Laura Chaneski, Dan Gregory, Jenna Kildosher, and Sam Platizky. Sean Feuer of Bayonne is director, and William Farley is assistant director. Megan Bussiere of Edison and Laura Chaneski of North Plainfield also starred. Hendrickson’s Corner and The Little Food Café were among shooting locations in Bayonne, along with Laconia, New Hampshire.
Thefilm opensin Peter’s therapist’s office where Peter (Isaac Platizky), the nearly unlovable protagonist, miserably poor decision maker, and stunted 20-somethingis prompted to tell a story of redemption and growing up amid a series of mistakes during a vacation with friends.
The comedy is an eclectic mix of Jersey humor, the challenges of emotional maturation reminiscent of Judd Apatow films, and the absurdity of a “Mel Brooks style,” as both Gregory and Sam Platizky describe it.


“We’re just hoping for a new audience. We’re mainly in New Jersey right now, so New York gives us more opportunity.” – Sam Platizky

Fourth film is in the works

Narrow Bridge is now in post-production for its fourth film, “Yellow Scare,” a comedic time-traveling sci-fi film, in which Sam Platizky stars as the American hero. Dan Gregory plays a drunken Irish pilot from the 1940s, and Jersey City’s Bill Sorvino, founder, Golden Door Film Festival and nephew of”Goodfellas” star Paul Sorvino and cousin of Mira Sorvino, plays Benito Mussolini. It’s the company’s biggest project yet, with a bigger crew and longer production schedule. Because it’s sci-fi, there are more special effects. “It definitely looks better, and hopefully it is better,” said Platizky.
“With every project we do, we try to do it one step better,” he said. “‘Summer Cabin’ is a step above everything we did before that, and ‘Yellow Scare’ is one step above ‘Summer Cabin.’”
“I feel like we’re gaining momentum,” said Gregory. “We’ve been at it since 2010, and we’re doing hard work and developed a nice team of cast, crew, and actors. We have a good core.”
The crew is starting a new short film called “Cupid’s First Day,” which tells the story of the love angel’s first day on the job, and will be filmed in Bayonne and Jersey City.

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