Vote for Parents United slate

Dear Editor:
I am a local business owner, a taxpayer, an active member of this community and a HoLa Parent.
The current Board of Education majority has continued its litigation to block HoLa’s expansion. This long, drawn out legal battle has created unnecessary tension in our community amongst parents and children. It has also culminated in well over $150,000 in legal expenses incurred by HoLa.
The board majority argues that HoLa’s expansion of two grades has contributed to a segregation effect. Against this backdrop, are so many, concerns, and even hypocrisies.
First, four (4) of the current BOE Trustees (serving as the board majority) have made personal contributions to fund the litigation; Tom Kluepfel (BOE President), Leon Gold (Past President) as well as Jennifer Evans and Irene Sobolov (BOTH running for re-election on Nov. 8). The BOE has stated that only private monies would be used. Their personal donations are certainly unprecedented , and may even border on unethical, but it also begs the question: if HoLa has spent over $150,000, how can the district’s legal expenses be paid if they have only raised approximately $11,000 by these BOE Trustees and only a handful of others?
Second, each year, we see heartfelt testimonials from district parents who support the board majority. Our City Council members seem to continue to support the board majority BOE candidates year after year; however, our current City Council members have personally exercised their school choice options, each opting to send one or more of their children to a Charter or Private School for their elementary school education, including our mayor!!
Finally, “School Choice” is manifested in other ways here in Hoboken. One of the choice opportunities at the elementary school level has created extremely unbalanced demographics at the Thomas G. Connors Elementary School. If the Board majority wants to express terms like “white flight” and lament about segregated effects, it would behoove them to look in the mirror. Elected leaders in segregated houses should not throw stones.
As a parent, I hope that the Board of Education can stop its selective scapegoating practices and turn its attention to what really matters: building bridges, educating not litigating, and creating a district High School that keeps people in Hoboken and attracts the scores of Middle School students who age out of their schools.
I encourage the Hoboken community to cast their vote on Nov. 8 for 3 NEW BOE Trustees; Parents United which includes Jessica Nelson (3J), Francis “Chipper” Benway (6J) and Jennifer Rossini (5J) (VOTE 3-6-5) so that each of the 365 days a year, the Hoboken community will be one of inclusion, collaboration and deep respect for the school choices made by Hoboken families.

Educationally yours,
Lynn Danzker

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