Celebrating a special birthday for a special man

Linda and Sal gustoso, formerly of Hoboken, were invited to a special birthday party for their life-long dear friend, Richard Branda, who turned 70! Richie was born and raised in Hoboken. The party was held at “Blue Eyes”, located on Sinatra Drive in Hoboken. Richie was an avid fan of Sinatra, like many of his guests.
Richie had a wonderful menu picked for his family and friends and he received many gifts and loved his photo of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra that was given to him by Sal & Linda Gustoso who adore Sinatra as well!
He is a wonderful family man and adored his mother, the late Florence Branda, who was missed by all at the party. Richie and his sister Diane were known for doing the best cha-cha in Hoboken back in the day!


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