Tenants’ rights

Dear Editor:
Union City has a large number of renters and many cannot afford to buy a house or condo on their income even with two people working. Living and staying in their apartment without paying exorbitant rent is crucial for these low-income or fixed-income families. Tenants do not usually know their rights and some unscrupulous building owners exploit this ignorance to their advantage.
Union City is fortunate to have Mayor Stack, a staunch tenant-advocate. His administration is committed beyond a shadow of doubt to helping tenants know their legal rights and protections under the law. I urge tenants to attend free Tenants’ Rights meetings held monthly in a public forum given in both Spanish and English. Most important, do not wait until the last minute before seeking help. The Union City website lists these meetings on its monthly calendar. Mayor Stack also provides leaflets in mail as a reminder.

Yours truly,
Tony Squire

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