A quiet place to read

Library opens room for studying, learning about town history

The North Bergen Main Library opened a new quiet reading room on Tuesday, Oct. 11. Commissioners, officials, and library patrons attended the ribbon cutting. The new room is covered with historical pictures and memorabilia, including books from the 1800s of written council meetings.
Display cases in the room hold old milk licenses, dog tags, art made by library staff members, and more. The room has pictures from the township all around it, including pictures of a waterway that no longer exists.

“We have a unique situation to make a quiet room, because years ago every part of the library was quiet.” – Mayor Nicholas Sacco.
Most of these historical elements were found in a sealed vault in Town Hall, or in Mayor Nicholas Sacco’s office, the mayor said. The library will accept any old pictures or memorabilia from residents if you’re interested in having them displayed. They will return the memorabilia.
Mayor Sacco said North Bergen’s libraries are community oriented, and residents need a quiet place to read or study.
“We have a unique situation to make a quiet room, because years ago every part of the library was quiet. Now the libraries are active constantly with the community,” Sacco said.
Mayor Sacco welcomed everyone to the new room. He told stories of North Bergen years ago, including when an 800-foot WOR radio tower that was hit by a plane in 1956.
Commissioner Frank Gargiulo recalled the event, which happened when he was a junior in high school in North Bergen. “Part of the tower was hanging over the city, and we had to evacuate,” Gargiulo said. There were fatalities in a nearby apartment building.

Bits of history

“North Bergen is believed to be established in 1609,” Sacco said. North Bergen was one of the first municipalities in New Jersey.
Members of the North Bergen Library’s book club were there for the opening. Book club member and long-time North Bergen resident Laura Brown brought along at least five other members, including Guttenberg resident Anne Persico. They said they stopped by for the opening before their book club meeting.
Book club members and best friends Luisa Giunta and Lucy Bartulovich said they spend a lot of time in the library.
“The room is very nice, and it’s a very active place,” Bartulovich said.
“There is so much free stuff at the library too. From the computer room, the reading program it’s a hub for the community,” Guinta said.
Commissioner Hugo Cabrera said his 16-year old daughter spends a lot of time at the library since they live so close.
“The room is wonderful. There’s lots of history to go through. It’s good to see what was here,” Cabrera said.

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