Nightmares on Broadway

To the Editor:

Since when is it legal to cross a double line on a street? Did I miss that in my drivers’ manual?
On the Broadway and 32nd Walgreens, as well as 56th St. T.D. Bank location on Broadway, it happens daily. When they make this illegal turn, selfish drivers (who give you a dirty look) back up all of Broadway, just so they can take a shortcut.
How do you put parking meters in a “Bus Stop” area? The buses can’t pull over to let traffic flow. Traffic also does not flow because of all the jaywalkers. Crossing guards need to step up.
Accidents are waiting to happen. This started in Hoboken and continues with numerous hit-and-run fatalities and growing.
Last, since when is it legal to pass a school bus? This is rampant here in Bayonne. Perhaps I missed that in the Drivers’ manual too. Someone step up please!


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