When will restorations be completed?

To the Editor:

When will the already long-delayed restoration of Brady’s Dock, which is located at the foot of Lexington Avenue and East 1st Street, be completed, including the following: restoration of numerous rotting timber posts, which are located along the East 1st Street Dock Frontage; restoration of storm-damaged, easternmost vertical timber fencing at dockside; restoration of four deteriorated wooden benches near dock entranceway, repainting of all previously painted surfaces at dock location environment?
Also, when will the long-delayed comprehensive restoration of the East-West 1st Street Park be completed, including: restoration of many hazardous, elevated walking path sections throughout the park, particularly at and near the foot of Broadway and 1st Street and the western approach to the sole-surviving pedestrian bridge, which is located immediately east of the Avenue C park entrance; repair of crumbling park entrance wall which is located at the foot of Avenue C and West 1st Street; replacement of several flagstones at the main park entrance, as described above; re-assemblage of collapsed safety railing, which is located southeast of the foot of Seaview Court and West 1st Street; restoration of hazardous collapsed and broken sidewalks along the East-West 1st Street park walkway?


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