BIG HOBOKEN MEETING: Public meeting on potential repeal of ‘500 foot rule’ for bars

HOBOKEN — The Hoboken City Council discussed three weeks ago the idea of repealing a city code saying that bars and restaurants with a liquor license can not open within 500 feet of one another. Hoboken is a mile-square town with approximately 140 active liquor licenses, and it’s a popular place to eat and drink. Removing the rule would allow more leeway when new bars or restaurants decide where to open up.
Not everyone is on board with the potential change, particularly existing businesses that don’t want more competition so close. (There are already bars next to each other that were grandfathered in.)
On Wednesday, Hoboken City Council President Jennifer Giattino called for a Special Meeting of the City Council for Monday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m. in City Council Chambers at 94 Washington Street to discuss the potential change. The ordinance (Z-434)is sponsored by Councilman Doyle and Councilman Russo.
The meeting will allow the council to hear the community’s perspective as they consider the proposed legislation. A vote on the ordinance will not be taken at the meeting.

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