‘The Flight of the Butterflies’

Dear Editor:
I thank Mayor Stack and Union City’s Board of Commissioners for using our local park, Ellsworth on New York Avenue and Palisade, to show free entertaining outdoor films for our residents and families on summer evenings. I would especially like to commend highly the Commissioner of Public Affairs, Lucio Fernandez, for arranging an award-winning film called “The Flight of the Butterflies” coming this September. Since I broached this film to him, he has worked with resolved single-mindedness and stick-to-it-ness to make this film possible despite his numerous duties as commissioner and conscientious public servant. I encourage all parents to gather with their children to join others in watching the latter and other films in Ellsworth Park. It’s one of my dreams to see ‘The Flight of the Butterflies’ shown throughout the Union City public education system.
I urge members of the Board of Education, principals, teachers, and those interested in the Arts and Life Sciences to make a strong effort to see this film. A brief trailer is available via You Tube as well. I also thank our County for hosting summer films in Washington Park including a nature-theme, “The Lorax” and other family movies. For those who have time, call or drop Commissioner Fernandez to share your appreciation for the great work he does in bringing Art, Culture, and Entertainment to our diverse city.

Merci et Cordialement,
Tony Squire

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