Hoboken business owner helps falcon

HOBOKEN — On Tuesday, Aug 16, Mario Albunia, owner of Mario’s Pizzeria, gave assistance to a rarely seen resident of Hoboken. He found an American Kestrel, a falcon, on the hood of a car outside of his restaurant on the corner of Eighth and Garden streets.
American kestrels are the smallest falcon species on North America, about the size of a dove. They feed on insects, mice, and small birds like sparrows. They nest in tree cavities, cliffs and buildings.
Mario transferred the stunned bird to a cardboard box and brought him to the Hoboken Animal Hospital at Seventh and Washington streets. The doctors there determined that the kestrel was in shock, but did not seem to have severe or life threatening injuries.
Hoboken Animal Hospital employee Ozzy Maldonado transferred the kestrel to the Raptor Trust in Millington. N.J.
β€œIt is hopeful that he will make a full recovery and be returned to the wild soon,” said Diane Tamborra, the office manager of Hoboken Animal Hospital.

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