Signs of the city

Part 8: Hobokenites communicate through old-fashioned missives

Note: This is part 8 in an ongoing photo series on handwritten signs around town in Hoboken. For the previous articles and photos, use the search engine at


They’re signs o’ the times (with apologies to the late, great Prince) — or maybe signs of older times. In the mile-square city, residents don’t always take to social media to express their feelings. Some use old-fashioned analog instruments such as pen and paper to let their neighbors know how they feel. A few actually print out their messages on computer and tape them to a pole or fence. Some try to get away with unusually literate graffiti.

Hobokenites often get riled by the same issues that have historically becoming the most heated in town: Parking, pet droppings, and occasionally, male/female relations. Most of all, people in this densely populated, parking-strapped town are protective of their bikes. But some are generous souls who leave notes when giving things away, like the night stand pictured, referred to jokingly as a “one-night stand.”

Here, without further ado, is the new installment of our occasionally appearing series on Hoboken signs. Watch for a future installment soon!

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