Ten teens, two adults arrested in Hoboken bike thefts; cops injured

HOBOKEN — The Hoboken Police Department arrested two adults and 10 minors between the ages of 13 and 17 for several charges related to bike theft. Two officers were injured during the apprehensions.
Charges for the teens included burglary, theft, criminal mischief, burglary tools, posession of stolen credit card, resisting arrest, aggrevated assault, posession of marijuana, employing a juvenile in the comission of a crime, posession of narcotics paraphernalia, and a fugitive from justice out of Florida for aggavated assault.
Two adult men were allegedly involved, a 21 year old from West New York and a 20 year old from Union City.
According to the media release provided by the Police Department on Tuesday, officers were dispatched to the area of 210 Clinton St. on a report of a group attempting to steal bicycles from inside a parking garage.
Officers arrived on the scene to find a group of five juveniles outside the address on bicycles, allegedly attempting to flee the area.
One juvenile was found in posession of two bolt cutters allegely used to cut the chains, while another was in posession of two credit cards that allegedly did not belong to him and were believed to be recovered stolen property.
Two other juveniles allegedly involved in this fled the scene but were captured. During this pursuit, Police Officer Straten was injured and treated for minor cuts and abrasions.
While checking the surroundings, Officer Arocho and Sgt. Olivera encounterd a secong group also allegedly attempting to steal bicycles at Third and Garden streets. The officers observed them as they allegedly used bolt cutters to cut the bicycle chain. The officers approached the males who in turn allegely fled the scene and were ordered to stop. One of the males remained while the other four allegely continued to flee. Det. Arturo Gonzalez advised the officers he was attempting to stop and detain three males. A struggle ensued between the detective and one of them. Gonzalez was pushed into a moving vehicle. Although not serious, Gonzalez sustained significant injuries that forced him to be placed on injured leave. But all of the men were apprehended.
The two adults were released on summonses and given court appearance dates.
Nine of the 10 teens were released to their parents while the 10th remained at police headquarters Tuesday.

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