Throwing good money after bad

Dear Editor:
Just when we thought it was safe to relax, that a stake had been driven through the heart of the 9-11 Memorial boondoggle, we read, in the July 24 Reporter, that… Oh, no! Its ugly head (in the shape of a dollar sign) has reared up once again. 15 years has gone by since Hoboken lost 57 people in an event so bedeviled by controversy that only the village idiot still believes the official version. Now our city, having already spent a fortune on studies and proposals and shoddy discarded work, is set to throw another million and a half of good money after bad.
The Reporter article reads, “A year after the attacks, the city did erect a small glass memorial at Pier A Park with the names of the victims etched in it. But it was damaged during a nor’easter in 2011 and had to be removed.” The new design calls for more glass, 6 foot high panels, the article didn’t say how many.
For a fraction of the cost, a slab of granite, that no nor’easter could blow over, with the names etched on it of those who died, is all that’s needed to honor their memory. Names etched in stone at the Vietnam Memorial is good enough for the 58,272 Americans who perished in that futile war, so it will be enough to remember these first 57 casualties of what a certain cabal in Washington hoped would be “a new Pearl Harbor”, the perfect excuse to start a long “war on terror”
T. Weed

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