A perfect night

Dear Editor:
On behalf of the Town Council and myself, I would like to thank all of the residents who came out and
enjoyed an evening of “Jazz in the Meditation Garden” with The Ashley Petet Quartet. I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the following sponsors who made the night possible: American Spraytech, Alan Luwani, Hudson County Division of Culture and Tourism, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and Dunkin Donuts Meadowlands Parkway.
Thank you to everyone behind the scenes who worked to make this event a success: Vincent Amato, Kelly Capone, Raymond Cieciuch, Herby Degendardt, Walter Francis, Lauren Guillen, Frank Flanagan, Jimmy Flanagan, John Flanagan, Robert Flanaqgan, Matais Lafrencha, Jason Leppin, Richard Lienhard, Sue Macchieraldo, Adel Makhail, Chris Mandara, Vinnie Masaro, Jason Mastropietro, Mary Miller, Lou Minervini, Rudy Montes, Randy Morris, Raul Nagpal, Kevin O’Conner, Frank Sasso, Kyle Schlemm, John Schwartz, Joe Sferlazza, Juan Tous, John Voli, Alex Wurst, and Event Coordinator Lee Penna.
A special thank you to Stacey Lee, Adult Adviser and the student volunteers of S.A.I.L, Key Club, and Rotary Interact: Rich Camacho, Toni Ann Cioce, Nick Halecki, Jasley Jimenez, Rachel O’Boyle, Sally Rizzo, Amanda Silva, Natasha Smith.
The night was perfect for friends gathering under the stars, great food, and music. The show of your support and interest in the town is what makes Secaucus such a wonderful place to live and it is what makes me proud to be the Mayor of this great community!

Thank you,
Mayor Mike Gonnelli

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