Business as usual

To the Editor

I was at the May 18, 2016 city council meeting and I am almost embarrassed to say I am a property owner in the city of Bayonne. I went to the meeting in the hopes of learning something new about the city. Well if you ask me, it is the same old business as usual. These council people are terribly rude, not only to the residents but to their own colleague. The Council President, Ms. Nadrowski, is very sarcastic. Her snide remarks come over the microphone very clear. Mr. Cotter is no better; I have never seen anything like him before. He is always chatting with the business administrator. It looks like we are keeping him up during the meeting. Mr. Perez and Mr. Gullace never say anything except “yes” when voting, never a question, never a no, unless they are confused. I truly thought these people were going to actually do what they said they were going to do while they were campaigning. They are no better than any of the others that were up there before them. Mr. La Pelusa is the only one who has never changed from what he campaigned on. He is the only one who cares about the residents and taxpayers. I am wondering where all the developers are? I went to Mr. La Pelusa’s civic association meeting last year specifically to hear Mr. Wondolowski, who’s no longer with the city, give a speech on all the development going on and how all the shovels were going to be putting the shovels in the ground by spring, just like we were promised when they first got in office that now that the lawsuits down the former MOTBY were settled they would put the shovels in the ground by spring. That must be a favorite phrase of Mr. Demarco. Well, I think if the mayor and his administration do not get it together, they will be looking in from the other side sooner than they think.


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