Regarding Al Sullivan’s column

Dear Editor:
Come on, Al. There is nothing “alleged” about the Clinton DNA on Monica’s crinkly blue dress that has been subtly immortalized in Nelson Shank’s portrait of Slick Willy hanging in the Smithsonian. There is nothing alleged either in Hillary’s vicious bullying of the many women who were victims of Bill’s voracious predations.
Al is, however, onto something about the appeal of Trump’s “soundbite philosophizing will appeal to voters who are sick and tired of trying to sort through complex answers”. The deceitful disasters of the oxymoronic Affordable Care Act and the Iran nuclear giveaway as well as Hillary’s ceaseless prevarications about her off-the-official-record email server come to mind as “complex answers” (aka lies to those who do not partake of the progressive fanboy Kool-Aid served up by useful idiots in the media).
Finally, how does winning the Cold War or making one’s brand globally successful earn one the sobriquet “simple-minded”?

Daniel Cillie


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