Latin twist on the Beatles, reggae

Local band performs in UC, WNY, and at Maxwell’s

Local Hudson County Latin-fusion rock band Larrosa has been performing around Union City, West New York, and Hoboken, adding a Latin twist to artists like the Beatles and Incubus. They were scheduled to be the main feature at the famous Maxwell’s music venue in Hoboken for Latin Rock Night on Friday, May 27 at 9 p.m.
The members hail from Jersey City and Hoboken and have been performing at venues in West New York and Union City for two years. They were excited to headline Friday night at the legendary Maxwell’s rock club.
The band puts a Latin twist on classic rock songs. Each member enjoys a different genre of music, and they mix them all into their performances. They may come out with a Latin spin on the Beatles or Incubus, reggae in both Spanish and English, and original songs.

“There’s a big movement in West New York and Union City that want live music.” – Josue Quiros
The three artists of Larrosa have been playing together for two years in local towns. Freddy Larrosa, the lead singer and guitarist, lived and finished school in Ecuador before living in Jersey City. Josue Quiros, the drummer, lived in Costa Rica and moved to Hoboken when he was 16 to finish high school. Juliano Saldarriaga is the bassist living in North Bergen, and started the band.
“This showing is mainly for our original music,” Larrosa said, adding that they’ll still include some covers.
Quiros said, “The bassist likes a little salsa and folk music. I like blues, rock, and grunge, and when it comes together, it suits itself. It’s a very cool fusion because we don’t like to display only one; it’s boring. So we switch it up. We have two reggaeton songs. We try to play what people want.”
The band said being in Hudson County helped their fan base. “There’s a big movement in West New York and Union City that want live music, and there are little bands coming out that are doing new stuff. It’s good for our music, and people are eager to listen to new, great music,” Quiros said.
Larossa said, “Hudson County doesn’t have a strong Latin music scene, so our advantage is bilingual and a spin on Latin rock.”
“Hoboken has the best scene in Hudson County right now,” Larrosa added. “There are lots of places for local artists to showcase their music. I’m grateful for Hudson County, because the people that come see us have been there for two years now.”
“Every night we play there’s a good turnout. There may be a language barrier, but we appeal to most crowds, because our style is very fresh,” Larrosa said.
“We started playing in Union City one night a week and the crowd started to get bigger and bigger,” Quiros said, “and now they’re packed when we play every Wednesday and Thursday in West New York.”
“If people don’t dance they’re not having fun,” Quiros added, “Dancing and having a good time is what everyone should expect at Maxwell’s. People sing-along with our original songs too, and that’s pretty cool.”
“We have no managers, and are fighting for our dream by doing this,” Larrosa said.
“To play for two or three people that actually enjoy it is everything to me,” Quiros said.
The Larrosa band also plays at Le Chateau on 6701 Park Ave. in West New York every Wednesday at 10 p.m. They also may be moving to a new venue in Union City.
In August Larrosa is touring on his own in California.
Maxwell’s Tavern is located on 1039 Washington St. in Hoboken. Admission is $10 for the 8 p.m. door opening. The show starts at 9 p.m.

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