Five questions

To the Editor:

Though the math was not exact and teachers are on different “steps”, my previous letter mentioned after 5 years of no contract the teachers received a weekly raise of $4.00!

This leads to some $4.00 questions/observations: can you go and enjoy a movie with refreshments? Can you pay the increase in car insurance or simply stop driving? Can you go to the stores on Broadway to support the local merchants? Can you donate to a church or a charity? Can you save for the family/pension?

These 5 questions should lead one to conclude that there is a serious lacking in income. Then associate this with the dollar value of a child’s education and future. Any material improvements to a school/classroom are meaningless without a competent, conscientious, and caring teacher.

I am not really sure how all of the above continues to be missed by the Board Of Evade (BOE). Does everyone- community/parents/students- truly believe in the integral role of a teacher in quality education?

Charles Nuziale

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