Fracking response

Dear Editor:
In a May 1 letter to the North Bergen Reporter, Paula Rogovin, a representative of Break Free announced plans to bus demonstrators to Albany to protest against the use of “train bombs” to deliver oil. Like a typical protester, Ms. Rogovin has complaints but no realistic solutions. She offered no ideas for cost-effective delivery alternatives. Simply stopping the oil trains to the Linden and Philadelphia refineries will ultimately result in higher prices at the gas pumps and possible fuel shortages. When a product or process is environmentally banned or restricted, the working-class consumers suffer the most.
Also, on the subject of pollution and renewable energy sources, I wonder how much greenhouse gases those buses will produce on their way to Albany. I’d also like to know if any of those buses will run on bio diesel. If Ms. Rogovin is true to her beliefs about pollution and global warming, she’ll urge all protesters to either walk or pedal their way to Albany.

John Carcich

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