My trip to Weehawken and Hoboken

Dear Editor:
My wife and I had a very nice time in Weehawken this past weekend and on our way out of town decided to shop (spent about $150) in Hoboken. All was good until we went to our car and found a parking ticket with the charge of “Street cleaning alternate parking” (a copy is attached). I’ve paid it, but I do so under protest. It’s my observation your police department, or ticket writers, have quite the scam. When we returned to our car and found the ticket I looked up and down the street and not a NJ car had a ticket on it…that leads me to believe that the philosophy is ticket the out of towners, they won’t come back…as I said, quite the scam.
Be assured that when we tell people to do some of the things we did this past weekend we will include “do not go to Hoboken.”

Roger A. McGary


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