She brightens the world

Dear Editor:
Just a big thank you to my dear friend Laura Maimone. We met through our Weehawken Senior Club, of which I am the president. Laura lives a few doors down from our Senior Center so she visits us between meetings. Before she retired she was the head of the lunch program at our high school. My son Nick and many of his friends remember Mrs. Maimone’s delicious tuna fish sandwiches! You’re probably laughing as you read this, but to the young people in our high school this was a big thing. My son met one of his friends at a mini-reunion and during the conversation his friend said, “You know, Nick, what I miss most? Mrs. Maimone’s tuna sandwiches.” Nick agreed with him. Of course they remember other things from their school years, but this left an impression with them.
We go through life doing what we have to do, but it’s the little things that stand out.
Today my son stopped at the center. Laura knew he was coming so of course Nick was treated to her tuna sandwiches again!
Laura, God bless you for your kindness. A person like you brightens the world for the rest of us. Your kindness touched my heart. God bless you and all who are dear to you.

Alma Segedin


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